Happy World Book Day!

Today is probably one of my favourite non gift giving holidays. Working in a book shop means that we have been buzzing about this for months and talking about books our whole lives. 

World Book Day is a non profit organisation to promote reading and books to children and adults alike. It's most well known for handing out £1 book token vouchers at schools and nurseries for children to trade them for special World Book Day £1 books to begin their reading journey or just to try something new. 

This year is no exception with some really crackers of stories for children from age 2 up to teens. 

Today something special is happening on the World Book Day website. The biggest book show on earth is a free online festival running from 11:00 am til midday teaching you all about writing and how to start creating your own stories. Having always wanted to write myself I am definitely going to tune in and hope to learn a few things.

So tonight. Grab your children and turn off the TV and read your favourite books whether that be the Gruffalo, Harry Potter or The Fault In Our Stars. We definitely will be!

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