Lush Preview Evening

Last week I got the opportunity to head down to my local Lush store and see what they had done to the place. Being the original store it was a pretty big thing in the world of Lush to see the revamp of the store and Spa. I was off work with a migraine and hoped that the evening would relax me and maybe the amazing smells would ease of the tension that a migraine causes me. 

I love the company, their products, the homely feel of their stores and the spa (yet to have a treatment though!) but the night was hectic. There was so many people that it was really crowded and you could hardly move in the store. I would have preferred to have had some time to talk to people about the spa treatments and the products that they were offering but there was too much noise and crowding that I ended up standing in a corner for about 10 minutes trying to take it all in.

 The awesome things I managed to spot and see however were:

  • The Gorilla Perfume display was in a gorgeous corner with adverts and pictures pasted all over the wall with a record player. It really showed the spirit of the fun and fresh new store.
  • The Spa was showcasing all the treatments and I'm desperate for each of them (shame I don't have the money!) the Comforter is something I've been lusting over for ages as it seems like a chocolate heaven in a massage! And having experienced the essence of the synaesthesia treatment by it's creator - my mums friend. It was great to see it in practice. It felt like someones home in the spa as there was a row of teas and comfy seating that made me feel comfortable and at home!
  • The layout of the store looks so good with the bath bombs all up against a wall and the fresh face masks jumping out at you as soon as you walk in. 
  • The exclusive products for their store. 29 bags, perfumes and badges made the store that bit more special. I snapped up a bag because it was so adorable and I have an obsession with tote bags as they are so handy (especially for days out with Max)
There was also a special treat. The Poole store is the only store that stocks the whole retro range. Seeing as some of those products are my favourites, especially Sonic Death Monkey and the Happy bubble bar so I'm so pleased to see that I can pop into my local instead of waiting around for days for them to arrive.

I picked up a few things, including some bath bombs for Max and some Whoosh for me and got given an adorable goodie bag that included some pink FUN. If you haven't tried it then do. It's mouldable soap/bubble bath magic.

Overall I found the event enjoyable. It was nice to see things that had changed in the store but I left after about half an hour because the crowds were a bit too much for my migraine. I'm definitely going to head back in a week or so to check it out again.

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