Max's Closet //001

Max has some amazing clothes, I'm incredibly jealous of some of the cool things I get to dress him in each day. So I thought that I should share some of these with you in a weekly post called 'Max's Closet' (original eh!) 

This week I thought I would start with some of his music related tops. Being an avid music lover and still mentally going to hundreds of gigs a year I knew that Max would be kitted out in some awesome band merch. It's actually been surprisingly easy to source a lot of them as it seems to be the next big fashion for kids with this aztec/90's revival. I team most of these tops with jeans or coloured chinos and his classic vans.

The above top was given to us for christmas from a dear friend of mine, Jess and her family. They are massive Kiss fans so I loved opening this and seeing this adorable pug in a Kiss style!
Next up are the collection from Next funnily enough. They are doing an amazing range of band/movie tshirts that everyone is familiar with. Every child needs a Nirvana and Run DMC top and he rocks out listening to them wearing his tops (we've taught him well). His Run DMC top is really grubby now from us taking him to Camp Bestival in it but it's way too cool to throw away! There's also A Kasabian one as Scott is a really big fan of them - me not so much as they really disappointed me at T in the Park a few years ago. And finally there is the lovely Rhianna top bought by my best mate Jess (yes another one!) River Island seem to make really thin tops so this is being saved for summer so he can wear it with some swag - that's what you say right?

Finally we found this amazing Foo Fighters top on Ebay, it isn't a legit branded one but it sure looks like it could be! Scott played Max Foo Fighters loads when he was little and still to this day he loves listening to them and rocking out. 

Max is a massive music lover so we know in a few years when he can tell us he will appreciate us covering him in these awesome clothes. And not only are they great bands the tops also look really cool too!

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