Max's Favourite Apps

We love our Ipad in our home. Along with using it for daily tasks, blogging, social networking and shopping, Max has fallen in love with some of the apps on there. We try and restrict his access to 10-20 minutes every now and again as a treat if he has behaved but I feel that the educational aspects of the device are amazing! Our case is a Speck Iguy case and Max loves to hold it and its rubbery enough that it would bounce if he dropped it.

Here are a few of mine and Max's favourites:

 Toca Boca Band and Hair Salon 2 are ultimate favourites of ours. Toca Boca create really fun and colourful apps that are specially designed for kids. The two here focus around music and role play. Max is a massive music lover and he really enjoys creating beats and rhythms with this app as every combination is different. Hair Salon 2 took him a bit more time to get the hang of it as you have to select what you would like to use to create the hair such as scissors, razors, hair dye and even bows and hats! Max likes to fill up my photo albums with images of crazy half bald people.

 Mibbilo is a musical story app that is fairly new. Once installed you get to pick one story or song to start you off and the others have a small charge.
 We picked the wheels on the bus as it's one of Maxs favourite nursery rhymes. The song is upbeat and catchy and not at all annoying!
When it starts you have a variety of instruments to play with and change to play along with the song. Max seems to love it and the visuals are really cute.

The Heart and The Bottle is a favourite book of mine and this app is superb. It tells the story of the girl who puts her heart in a bottle so it doesn't get broken and each page is fully interactive. One page you can draw your own picture which you then see later on nestled amongst another page! Max loves this but he does find some bits tricky. I however am obsessed with Jeffers so I knew that this was a must.

 Elmo Calls is a fully interactive app for kids. When they start it up they can select a catgory and either Elmo will call you or Facetime you with something funny or educational. Max is a bit obsessed with Elmo so this is definitely at the top of his list. The calls can be a bit repetitive but what kids things aren't? As with most apps the first few messages are free but to unlock a bigger range you need to purchase them.

Press Here is a creative book by Herve Tullet. It's one that won countless awards and has now been turned into an app. Full of mini games and activities to spark the imagination of all kids and adults it is one of my favourites. And Max is starting to love it too. He's just hitting the age where his imagination is so vast and I can sit there for ages watching him pretend play with his toys. This app takes that onto the Ipad.

What are your children's favourites?

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