Recently I've had a conflict of some sorts. I posted this photo up on facebook and immediately had my mums partner telling me he would be embarrassed if a picture like this of his was posted. Why? Because Max has a hair clip in.

Me and Scott as parents have never hid Max away from what is classed as 'girly' things. He has dolls with pushchairs, dress up beads and scarves and as you can see in the photo likes putting clips and bows in his hair. Never has this been an issue before. My child is two years old and doesn't know the difference between a girl thing and a boy thing. He is learning how to live his life through the objects and people around him. He copies me putting on makeup with some of my empties because he finds it fun but then puts it all down to run around with a football with Scott.

I hate gender stereotyping. Yes we do dress him up in boys clothes and let him go out with a bow in his hair if he wants. There is nothing wrong with that at all. An elderly lady once asked if Max was a girl because he had his doll with him when we went out shopping.

I never want Max to grow up thinking that because he is a boy he isn't allowed to ask for a Barbie doll for his birthday. I remember growing up playing with my brothers toys and preferring them to mine most of the time. All I want to instill in him is a sense of pride, respect and confidence in himself and his life. I want him to thrive in however he feels he needs to.

And if that means wearing a bow to the office when he's 40, as long as he's happy then so be it.


  1. Good for you! My neice is the same. She'd rather play with her Buzz Lightyear than the dollies she was given for Christmas from family. She'd rather watch Ice Age and see the scary animals than watch Barbie cartoons. She loves racing around the garden on her balance bike and stomping in puddles in the rain than dancing classes. Children will grow to learn what they do and dont like, but for now, you've got to let them be! Rosie x

  2. You're definitely taking a sensible approach toward gender stereotyping. As long as Max is comfortable with what he's doing at the time that's all that matters. Ok, so this picture may not be the best one to show his first girlfriend or at his 18th but he's having fun and being comfortable. Our parents' generation see gender as a set thing that kids are born into and is set in stone for the rest of their lives. Now we know it shouldn't be that way and your approach is what most parents should do!

    Good job!

  3. He looks adorable. I love the glasses on him. :)