Tilda Rice for Kids

I sometimes find it hard to find something quick and easy for Max to eat for dinner. I get fed up of making the same things or it taking ages to make something wholesome. So when me and Scott came across these kids rice packets from Tilda we jumped on them!
Containing rice flavoured with veggies and all that other healthy stuff we knew it would fill Max up and hopefully he would love it. The packets are quite big, we found that Max can eat most of it and he's a big eater. 
There are 4 different varieties: mild and sweet curry, sweet vegetable with wholegrain rice, sunshine vegetable rice, and cheese and tomato. Each pack contains one of their five a day and only takes a minute from cupboard to plate (thanks to the help of a microwave)
The great thing about them is the lifespan is ages (as they are cupboard products) and they literally take less than a minute from the packet to the table.
Max seems to love them, he wasn’t so keen on the curry one, this is probably because he prefers my curry (I would like to assume!) but the cheese and tomato is his favourite. We either give it to him as it is with a side of fruit for a lunch or we will add some extra veggies or some meat to it to make it a more wholesome dinner. Maybe try the curry packet with some cut up chicken pieces or Quorn for the veggies here. Or the tomato one with some meatballs and a sprinkle of extra cheese on top!

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  1. Amelia LOVES these too :) X