Last night I had a well deserved night off and headed up to London with my best friend Jess to see the beautiful and amazing Beyonce!

We  got to our hotel and had a browse around Covent Garden before heading down to the O2 for dinner and drinks. We met up with our lovely friend Lucy and her uni mates for some more drinks (pitchers of 'Single Ladies' cocktails and strawberry daiquiris) before heading in to see the lady herself. We decided to skip the support act as we had listened to some stuff on youtube and it wasn't really anything that caught our attention.

Unfortunately my phone decided that it was going to shut off so all of my photos are from the lovely Jess' phone! We were standing and managed to get an amazing spot to the side and in the middle of both stages. 

All I can say of the show is WOW you are not left disappointed. Singing everything from Single Ladies to Survivor with some amazing short videos to watch during the costume changes I'm left not being able to speak and with aching feet from dancing so much.

What amazed and inspired me the most was that her whole team on stage from the dancers to the musicians, were all females. There were some twin guys who did some dancing but the rest of her production was made up of females. 

She truly was the Queen Bey. Can I go again?


  1. SO, so jealous!! I tried so hard to get tickets to this! Looks like you had a great time x

  2. Wow you were so close too! Looks like you had a great time. It's nice that she is empowering so many women.

    I dragged my husband to see Justin Bieber and we were at the back and it was still great.