Cabin Fever

With the latest turbulent bout of weather we seem to be suffering with a bit of cabin fever. You see we got greedy with the partially sunny weather and spent hours at the park, farm and the shops. Now it seems the rain has set in yet again and we are stuck in our small flat with nothing much except some dress up clothes, some musical instruments and some awesome films. The worst thing being that we don't get paid until next week so have no money to go out and find a soft play. Though god forbid you won't find one that isn't packed with parents fed up of Easter holidays and wanting normality to return!

We have found some solace however:

  • Max has decided that he want's to be a rock star when he grows up. He's always playing us songs that he knows and ones that he makes up which constantly keep both of us amused. Though he does seem to find his microphone and hand it to me alot. Oops!
  • Films are amazing. I love that Max has learnt so much from watching films and documentaries (granted mostly about dinosaurs) but he's found a few new favourites that include Babe, Monsters Inc and Tangled. Alongside Toy Story and the Muppets that is!
  • Dress up and pretend play is our favourite thing to do. Max has loads of outfits and he is constantly making me cups of teas and bits of cake - No wonder I'm fat haha! He found an old polaroid camera of mine and has been pretending he is mummy. 
  • Baking and making is always good. We always end up making cakes and painting pictures of Daddy while he's at uni. 

What have you been doing if the weather is as rubbish as ours? Or has it been lovely and sunny?

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