Happy Hopperz - First Impressions.

So a few days ago I was contacted by the lovely Janine at BeauBelleBaby to see if I wanted to try out a product. Of course I said yes and eagerly picked out what I'm about to show you. 

BeauBelleBaby is an online baby boutique that features some well known brands (Avent, Bumbo and Lamaze) and some awesome unknown ones that you can swiftly fall in love with (Stardust Kids and Dirty Fingers are awesome!). Whilst browsing the online shelves I was mentally making a wish list of things that I either loved and wanted or things that I wish I had used when Max was younger. Still in it's infancy itself I can see this becoming a well known destination for those unusual but practical gifts!

We picked the Happy Hopperz Green Dino and it appeared within a couple of days. Upon opening it was a simple pump and the dino itself.

It took me a good 20 minutes of pumping it up (work those arm muscles baby) but it created an adorable green dinosaur. Max jumped on it as soon as he saw it but bounced away faster than I could say "Max let me take a photo!" So some action shots can wait until we go outside. 

It's 40cm high (base to seat position) and about 60cm long so perfect for kids 18 month to about 4 years. Plenty of time for Max to love it as much as I seem to. The material is really tough rubber so it seems like it could withstand anything from carpet to grass. 

So here are our first impressions. We love it! But I'll give you a better rundown in the next week or two when Max has truly given it a play.

In the meanwhile please check out BeauBelleBaby.

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  1. This looks like so much fun x