I want to write.

So writing. I never thought I would say it. But I think I have a story I want to tell. Not my own personal story but I have all these ideas bubbling in my head and I need to jot them down and make some sense of them. 

I have always loved reading, working in a bookshop helps that even more with an unlimited amount of reading material. I have become inspired by authors like John Green and Maureen Johnson to create my own tales. 

When this book (Ready, Set, Novel!) arrived at my work I didn't hesitate in picking it up. It looked like the perfect thing to inspire and help direct me with my writing. It has loads of exercises and steps to help you build characters, story lines and learn how to structure your novel properly. 

I may write something that never surfaces, or I may write something that becomes a smash hit. I just can't wait to enjoy writing my story.

(I also had to pick up this exercise book and pen because they are so darn cute!)


  1. This sounds lovely! I wish I had the imagination to write, haha.
    I'm a tiny bit jealous of your job, I'd love to work in Waterstones.
    The exercise book is so pretty, too!

    Jesss xo

  2. I saw that novel notebook in Waterstones a few weeks ago! Loved it! May still get one! Hope your writing goes well! x