John Frieda - A Review

Being a mum I get hardly any time to myself. A shower or bath is the perfect time for me to lock myself away and unwind. Whilst my bathroom is stocked to the brim with Lush products I recently got asked if I wanted to trial some John Frieda products. Never being one to turn down an opportunity I said yes and awaited the package eagerly!

I got sent some of their smooth start shampoo and conditioner, along with their blow dry root booster and frizz control serum. I specified that my hair was pretty thin, limp, lifeless yet frizzy as hell!

Being a Lush addict and swearing that they made the best products out there I was really surprised at how super soft my hair felt after using the shampoo and conditioner. It felt really luxurious and felt like a high end product. I'm not too sure that I would buy it on a regular basis because I find I get a bit too squeeze happy and use it all a bit to quickly (or the Mr is stealing it too!) but maybe as a treat to make it feeling smooth and silky. 

The Root booster was my favourite. I wanted to do a before and after photo but my camera really couldn't show it as well as it did in real life. I  sprayed a genenrous amount on my hair before blow drying and I could really tell the difference even before styling. I think I may have to repurchase this, not for a day to day basis as the bottle is very small but especially for those elusive nights out!

I'm not great with hairspray to be honest. It makes my hair separate and go a bit greasy looking so I wasn't expecting much from this. I was genuinely surprised with this product. It may have been because I used it sparingly and more on the top of my hair than the fringe area but it kept my hair firmly in place for the majority of my 4 hour work shift. 

Overall I was really impressed with these products. It's definitely impressed me enough to recommend them to all my friends and add them to my Boots wish list when I get enough money! (bring on payday haha) My favourite was the root booster by far but still really loved using all the other products too. 

Have you tried John Frieda products? Did you enjoy them too? To find out more about their products please click here

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