Max and Music.

So as I've written before, Max is obsessed with music. Telling us his favourite band's are 'Nirbada' and 'McFlee' (Nirvana and Mcfly) and always asking for the radio on rather than the TV. He is always singing into a toy microphone and playing his ukulele. 

This weekend Max popped over to his lovely nursery worker Dani's house to record some songs. Some of the parent's mentioned that they wanted to know what some of the songs (with action's) the kids did at nursery, so she offered to record it all with Max so they could watch on some private youtube videos of nursery rhymes.

It didn't turn out exactly as planned with an impromptu gig of Nirvana and Foo Fighters and very little nursery rhymes actually being sung but we have time to work on that.

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