Max's Closet //002

Part two of the lovely series where I show you all of Max's favourite clothes (well mine but he wears them...)

This one is focused on some of the lovely stuff he has for spring/summer this year. Last year we were still dressing him in easy clothes as he was always getting food on things and there was still the occasional leaky nappy. This summer he's taller, older and has a cute sense of style where he normally picks out his clothes for the day. 

First up is this gorgeous skull top from Next. I knew I had to have it for Max straight away as it's something different and would look great paired with everything from jeans to chinos to leggings.

Next up is this cute sailor top from Sainsburys. I always find them hit and miss for boy's clothes as some of them can be quite gimmicky whilst others just seem boring. They also don't seem to have a massive selection of boys clothes in general so I love it when I find something new and cute that I can pick up for him. Next to that is a 'Dog's Rule' top that I got from Next. It's just awesome. It doesn't need much explanation. Below that is another top from Next. I always find that their quality is good and doesn't lose shape easy compared to some of the cheaper places. This one is great for summer, maybe at the beach or something to channel his inner pirate. And next to that is a cute aztec style rhino top. It was £2 at Tesco's so will look great with most things but also it doesn't matter too much if it get's ruined.

Finally is this gorgeous Day Of The Dead top. It's from an organic clothing company called Conquer. All the illustrations are done by their artists and then screen printed on. We picked this up for Max at Camp Bestival last summer knowing it would fit him for this one and it's one of my favourites. I can't seem to find kid's clothing on their website but the adult stuff is just as brilliant. 

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