Monkey World

This morning we woke up with all the enthusiasm of a dead fly. We originally intended to head down to Paulton's Park or Weymouth Sealife Centre but looking at prices we were quickly put off! We didn't know what to do and after a complete lack of sleep we weren't too sure that we were up to the fun and excitement of the farm or the long journey to Paulton's Park. Especially with it being the last day of Easter Holidays (Max still has an extra week though)

Scott suggested that we head down to Monkey World. A nice half hour journey and hopefully a much quieter day walking around the enclosures looking at all the monkeys. I've not been there for years but the two boys had never been there before. I jumped at the opportunity and it was a blast!

Max was a bit sceptical. He's not great with monkeys. Especially after seeing a clip from the Wizard of Oz. But he loved them. We got up so close to them that he could almost touch them! With a pane of glass in between of course. I forgot what fascinating creatures they were and truly fell in love with them over again. Just look at this gorgeous chimp!

We took full advantage of the amazing play areas that they had there (including swings especially for wheelchairs! Definitely catering for everyone) We missed out on most of the talks but that worked in our favour as the other spots were pretty quiet. It truly knackered Max out and he had a well deserved nap on the way home. 

Max had a great time chatting to them all, especially this orangutang who seemed to take a liking to Max too. Monkey World takes monkeys that are kept as pets and neglected by their parents at other zoos and brings them up at their facility. They provide amazing care for all their monkeys with some habitats that even Max seemed to want to play on (the gibbons had a slide!) They are also famous for providing their centre to the television shows Monkey Business and Monkey Life which is amazing to see some of those monkeys in real life. 

Overall we had an amazing day. It only cost us £20 which was the entrance fee as we took our own food but it was so much cheaper than most of the attractions around the area!

Finally, isn't this monkey hilarious!

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