Next Spring/Summer Wishlist

I, along with most other mums, adore Next. It's affordable, hardwearing and gorgeous. And seeing as the weather is perking up I decided to do some online shopping and throw some things into my wishlist so that I can buy them when I get paid (oops!) Max always needs new clothes!

I love the coloured chinos, it's something that I wouldn't have picked for Max last year as they didn't really suit his chubby knee fat but now he's slimming out they suit him so well. I love the bright colours as they can be teamed with pretty much anything. And he always needs a denim pair, as who doesn't need some good jeans in their life.

I picked the shirt as we are heading to 2 weddings this summer and with a slightly informal dress code I thought it would be gorgeous teamed with some light chinos and his navy Tom's.

Finally the tops. I am pretty obsessed with buying Max clothes. I find it really hard to find quality, nice clothes for boys (there are always racks for girls!) so whenever I see something I snap it up in the size above so it has some wear out of it. The Back To The Future top is a must have as it will go with everything and Scott will be pretty chuffed that his kid has a great taste in films haha.

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