Record Store Day 2013 Haul

So this weekend Max was very lucky and is having a sleepover at Nanny and Grandad's house so that Mummy and Daddy can sleep and clean the house. We attempted to go to the cinema last night but realised that the things on show weren't that inspiring so we decided to go home and watch The Walking Dead instead!

This morning however was the same as every other morning with Max, I woke up before 7am. Though, this was for a different reason for today is Record Store Day. A day where all you fellow music lovers embrace and celebrate the physical record rather than these new digital ones. Along side some great instore performances from great artists there are also loads of limited edition vinyls and cd's on offer to support this great day. 

Having been to my local store last year and not finding anything that took my fancy I decided to head down super early so that I was sure to bag those disks that caught my eye. 

Here is what I got!

Jake Bugg - Kentucky
Biffy Clyro - Modern Magic Formula (live)
Bob Dylan - Wigwam (a birthday present for Scott's best mate!)
David Bowie - Drive In Saturday
Frank Turner - Recovery

There were loads more that I was desperate for (Bring Me The Horizon, Funeral For A Friend) but the local stores either didn't stock them, they were too expensive or they had already sold before my turn to rummage. 

Being a massive Biffy and Frank Turner fan I was desperate for these and almost squealed with delight when I bought them. The others were a bit of a bonus as I managed to get tot he store being the 5th in the queue. 

Unfortunately I don't have a record player anymore. And I don't think with the small space we have at the moment that it's the best to have one around Max. So these are going to stay on display until we finally manage to afford and find space for one so we can love and listen to these properly. 

Did any of you head down to your local store? If so what did you get?

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