There's No Place Like Home //001

So within the next couple of years we would love to own our own place and be able to do what we want with it. I'm getting carried away already and am starting a new series called 'There's No Place Like Home' Showing some things that are catching my eye. Today is statement rugs. I love a good rug. It can really change the look and feel of a room. Here are some that have stood out for me recently. 

One problem I find with buying rugs is that they are either really expensive or rubbish quality. The one we have at the moment has only lasted us a matter of months and it already looks sorry for itself. So when I got told that SCS (yep that sofa place) did rugs I took a look!

  1. Harlequin Leaf Rug - I love this rug! It's pretty understated and quite like what we have at the moment but it doesn't look boring. Also brown seems to go with everything. Bonus!
  2. Harlequin Circle Rug - Red normally isn't a colour that I would go for but this looks like you have stepped out of a Moroccan holiday and would look perfect in a bedroom to make the place seem really luxurious. 
  3. Sparkle Rug - Turquoise is my favourite colour ever. And this rug is sparkly (as you can see in the name) so that makes it even more special. I think if I bought this I'd just lie on it all day reading books as it looks so luxurious and soft. 
  4. Harlequin Print 2 Rug - Yet another awesome patterned rug. I honestly wouldn't know where I would put this but it is so gorgeous that I would be tempted to hang it on the wall if I knew it wouldn't be heavy! The pattern is so hypnotising I would probably be really distracted by it. So it's definitely something for the office when I need to procrastinate haha. 
  5. Eden Squares Rug - Finally there is this amazing green squared rug. I was searching for one like this for months before settling on one that I didn't like too much but this would be perfect in Max's room or our living room. Especially at the moment with living in a rental place and having a limit to how you can decorate. Also lime green is my second favourite colour so I think this may be in my basket to checkout as we speak!

I could load you down with more rugs than you can lie on but I'll leave it with these lovely ones. All of these can be found at SCS at this link here: and with delivery within seven days I could change the look of my room every week if I wanted!

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