There's No Place Like Home //003

So a few day's ago our sofa well and truly broke. Not in the way that it snapped in half. More like we could feel like the padding inside was going to wear thin and the other night when sitting on it the spring decided to poke itself in my leg. Luckily it's still under the leather but unless there's a cushion on top of it, it's pretty un-comfy. This got me thinking that when we buy our place I want a nice sofa. Not one that just does the job. But one that I can curl into with a nice book and maybe nap on if I ever get that opportunity!

I've been scouring the internet to see what awesome sofas are out there. Most I've found are really expensive or just look boring. I also wanted something that is practical so I could clean it easily and maybe convert to a sofa bed as we know whatever place we buy won't have tonnes of room. Also I want to have those duvet days where I can just pull out the sofa and have everyone lay on it haha. It also needs to look good. I've seen hundreds of sofa beds that just look boring. Or look uncomfortable to sit on. It also needs to be durable. We have a 2 year old so of course his favourite past time will be jumping off the sofa. I'm pretty picky but I found a few that seem to fit all the right boxes and don't cost the earth.

1 - Who doesn't love a good corner sofa. This one looks like my mum's one which was so good for curling up in the corner surrounded by food and books for hours on end. You can get this as a separate 2 seater sofa bed which is a bonus!
2 - Okay it's the cushions and the footstool that sucked me in because blue and green are my favourite colours and definitely my colour scheme for life. This one isn't a sofa bed but it was too gorgeous to not include.
3 - Another corner sofa. You can tell I miss the room of having something bigger than a 2 seater! Again this one doesn't come with a sofa bed but with the chaise end it means that you can definitely nap on there anyway (depending on how long your legs are)
4 -  Probably the most unpractical for a family with a small child but the cutest sofa I found. This striped one looks as if it stepped out of the pages of Country Living and would look adorable with some pale pink accessories to match. It's also a sofa bed. Yep.
5 - Not a sofa strictly but I think I need this. Just to hide away somewhere in the quietest area to do some reading or cross stitch. It just feels like a giant hug in a chair.

Surprisingly all of these seem to be really affordable and come with the scatter cushions which is a bonus as they can end up really expensive in themselves and hard to match if you have a specific colour scheme in mind! I looked and the closest Roomes store that sell these and unfortunately it's all the way in Essex. I have noticed however that they do sell online and include free delivery which is better than some companies that charge regardless!

Are you as picky as me with sofas? I may be over obsessing but a girl can dream can't she?

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