A Few Photos

I'm away in London for a few day's so here are a few photos of Max to look at until I return and do a post about our exciting trip!

Max loves to sing along with his guitars still. His song of choice has moved on from the grungy Nirvana and is now the upbeat Star Girl by McFly! As you can tell I am pretty chuffed about that being pretty obsessed with the band and all.

We've spent alot of time outside, mostly at the farm as we are trying to make the most out of our annual passes before we move to Portsmouth. It's so relaxing and lovely to take a stroll away from the bustle of the animals and go on the woodland walk. 

Max is such a joker, he spends most of the time trying to make us laugh. It's a perfect pick me up, especially with what has gone on with the family recently. This time he put a banana to his face and proceeded to tell us that it was his new smile as he was really silly. 

Finally I think we can all agree that the kid has more damn style than me. 

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  1. He is the cutest little boy EVER! :) Have a great time in London xxxxx