Anxiety Buster

So recently my anxiety has been getting the better of me. I can't pinpoint the exact reasons why but I realised that I needed to do something to stop things getting out of hand. Racking my brains, and my friends, someone suggested I started knitting or crochet as it can be really mind numbing and distracting. But there is always an end product. Then I realised that I can actually cross stitch and maybe that will help just as much.

I headed to Hobbycraft and picked up some supplies and have been cross stitching my days away. Everything seems to be book/movie/music related. I've even been asked to do a couple of commissions for people which is so exciting. It's been one of the best decisions ever as I can spend a couple of hours stitching and feel like I've accomplished something. 

Is there anything that you guys do to help beat anxiety?


  1. I cross stitched a lot before Christmas to keep my head on the right level. If definitely helped :) Where do you get your patterns? xx

  2. Great idea! I LOVE cross stitching to help with my anxiety, although I have to choose the right day! Otherwise the frustration leads to me getting worse! I just bought a job lot of embroidery hoops off ebay for a good price so cant wait to fill them up! xxx

  3. I find any type of crafting helps with my anxiety and depression, glad it's working for you too!

    Gorgeous cross stiching