Good Post Day

Actually this post arrived yesterday but I don't really like posting twice in a day.

I love it when you get lovely things in the post. It all started when I signed for a parcel from Zulily but unfortunately the contents weren't the right order so I've had to send them back!

Then the door knocked and my lovely postie saids he had some goodies for me. After a bit of a natter I opened them and was so chuffed with what I had!

First up was a couple of long overdue records from Banquet Records from their Record Store Day stash. I had pretty much all but forgotten I ordered them in haste on the Saturday morning after RSD. I was desperate for both of these but my local store didn't get any in so was chuffed to pick these up and not have to pay over the odds on Ebay. I'm not the biggest BMTH fan anymore but this picture disk is bloody gorgeous. And I knew I needed the FFAF one as it was such a soundtrack for those emo days of my life haha. 

The other package was from Crown and Glory. I ordered this a few days ago and was gutted it didn't arrive in time for my night out but I'm off out next week so can wear it then. Every blogger seems to have a piece of theirs and I knew I couldn't resist so when I realised I still had £15 sat in my paypal account I jumped at the chance and ordered myself the adorable blue 'Not A Lotta Rosie' headband. It's gorgeous and I can't wait to wear it out!


  1. Loving the crown and glory head band! Its so pretty x

  2. oooooooooooooooooooh! I'm happy to find your blog! I like it so much:)
    follow you . . .