Happy Hopperz: A Review

BeauBelleBaby is a great online boutique that sells everything from new baby gifts right up to awesome toddler toys. They feature well known and some not so well known brands that you can't help but find adorable and want to spend all your hard earned money on. One of my favourite products on their site is reviewed below for you but whenever I jump back on there I always seem to find something new that I want to pop into my shopping basket or recommend to friends. Some of my favourite brands on there are Stardust Kids, Skibz and Lamaze. The site offers free shipping over £50 (not hard to spend that much!) and 10% off when you spend over £70 which is a great deal compared to other online retailers. 

So here is our review of the Happy Hopperz product we got sent by BeauBelleBaby. Seeing as we have had it for a while I thought we (well Max) could give you a review of it!

BeauBelleBaby sell a range of different types of Happy Hopperz. We chose a Dino but you can also get Cows, Bulls, Dogs, Deers, Horses and Zebras in a variety of colours from pink to green to blue! Knowing Max is a massive dinosaur fan we had to pick him a bright green dino and we weren't dissapointed.

As you can see the dino is gorgeous and made out of the same rubber that a space hopper is made out of. We haven't had to pump it up since our first go and it has been used every day since it was opened. Max has loved this product so much and uses it as a seat for breakfast and even to watch TV on. He did ask to take it to nursery but you have to draw the line somewhere (that was a great conversation!) He's even given it a name...Dani Dino. 

We've had great fun taking it outside on the grass, indoors on the carpet and everywhere else we can think of. The rubber is so tough that it would be hard to break it. It's also really lightweight. Max has no trouble in picking it up and carrying it around the flat. 

It's great for his co-ordination skills as you need to be able to balance on the dino and jump at the same time. Something that Max wasn't great at until he started using this. He is a pretty clumsy two year old and is always covered in bruises but he seemed to manage this perfectly and even the few slip ups he did have were even funnier. 

By holding onto the ears of the dino the kids can jump as fast as they can and we did mini races with Max chasing daddy on it to see if the dino could catch him! Honestly my only complaint is that it doesn't hide away easily but that is all down to the fact we have a flat the size of a matchbox and normally end up finding it at the bottom of Max's bed each night!

 Thank you to BeauBelleBaby for sending us this product! Please head on over to their site and check out some of their amazing products. They are an awesome boutique that caters for all budgets and occasions big or small! BeauBelleBaby have also given us a great deal of 20% off all their Happy Hopperz products with the code 'babyhop'. Perfect for a gift for your own cheeky monkey or someone else! Especially with this gorgeous weather. This offer is valid until the end of May so get hopping over there!

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  1. This looks like such a great flip on the standard space hoper x