Inside My Makeup Bag.

About a year ago I hardly wore any makeup. Now I kind of love the stuff haha. 
Here's what's in my bag at the moment. 

Any suggestions for eyeshadow tricks? Or anything in here you love too?


  1. Nice little set :) I've heard great things about Clinique chubby sets, are good?

    As for eyeshadow, I use 2 different Urban Decay pallettes - Naked, which is my go to for work, from neutrals to golds, and NYC which has some amazing greens, blues and purples and gets more use at the weekend. I've bought both of them on aeroplanes though so got them for a good price!

    Rosie xx

    1. I love my chubby sticks Rosie. I have about 4 haha. Will lookout and see if a kind soul will give me an eyeshadow lesson!

  2. I love real techniques brushes!
    I have dry skin also :/
    I recently started a fresh with my blog, would love if you followed x

  3. Great little collection there! I really want to try Real Techniques brushes-I've heard so much good buzz about them! xx