Meyrick Park

So on Sunday we ended up not really coming up with many great ideas of things to do. Max had a long nap meaning that all the shops and play areas were closed so I suggested we took a football down to Meyrick Park and spend a few hours there.

Meyrick Park is an amazing park that holds a golf course, tennis courts, masses of green and a mini woodland area. Max of course goes straight for the woods every time. His favourite thing is to pick up twigs and branches and pretend they are anything from a key to a microphone. He was running around pretending each tree was a door and he couldn't find the right one for his key!

When we move this will be one place I will miss most. It's just so serene to walk up to the top of the hill and look down on everything that is going on. Portsmouth is a bit of a concrete jungle compared to where we are now, and whilst I love there I think I will miss the abundance of green. Also I'm not biased (I am) but how cute does my kid look?


  1. Looks lovely! He has a great imagination x

  2. Max is such a cutie! I'm living right behind Meyrick Park next year - can't wait! It's so beautiful x

  3. Ahh Laura he is so lovely. :) I love the sunlight in these photos!