Story Sunday //003

This week we are visiting yet another favourite of ours, especially as they are releasing a new edition of it soon. Hugless Douglas by David Melling. 

Hugless Douglas is the first in a series about the gorgeous little bear Douglas. Douglas isn't the brightest of bears, nor is he the most aware (you normally find him tripping over something) of his surroundings but he has the biggest heart. This book is no exception. Douglas needs a hug and goes to search for his perfect one. Only to find it was right where he started his search.

As you can see our copy is very much loved (turned up corners and tatty in places) but it's the best book to get sneaky hugs out of your little ones and to teach them the importance of family and friends. Melling's illustrations are gorgeous and make Douglas seem so cute and adorable that you just want to give him a hug yourself when you realise that he's that desperate for one! It's one of Max's favourites (that isn't a Jeffers or Donaldson one) and the sequels in the series are all as good as this one.

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