Sunday Story // 001

Working in a book store I spend so much time rummaging through the kids books finding new things to read to Max. I thought it would be perfect to share my favourite kids books every Sunday in the hope that it will inspire you guys to pick something new up to share with your child!

The Dark is the first picture book by the enigmatic Lemony Snicket. It tells the tale of Laszlo, a boy who is afraid of the dark. When night time falls the darkness emerges from the basement and takes over his whole house he hides away from it and says goodbye to it every morning when it's back in the basement. One day Laszlo decides to face his fear and say hello to the darkness. It surely can't be that scary!

This book is typical Snicket and is illustrated by one of my favourite artists, Jon Klassen. It's light hearted but dark at the same time and confronts an issue that quite a lot of kids experience at some point in their life. 

At the moment this book is still in a hardback but will be in paperback within 6 months.

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