Sunday Story // 002

This week I thought I would touch on not only an author I love, but one of my favourite children's books. Oliver Jeffers is a fantastic story teller. The fact he is a great illustrator as well just helps (he's also not bad on the eye...). I have been in love with his books since before Max was even born. There's something magical about the simple tales of curiosity and wonder that keep you hooked again and again. 

Lost and Found is one of my favourites. It tells the tale of a boy who finds a penguin lost on his doorstep. Not really knowing what to do the boy decides it would be best to take it back to it's home. But in a story of love and friendship, maybe home is actually a lot closer than he thinks.

We have read this book so many time. To the point that we had to buy a new one as the pages were far too loved! In addition to the normal paperback I am a complete nerd and have the pop up version. Which as you can see below is so gorgeous and delicate that no little fingers should ever touch the pages! Yes I know it's a kids book...

I think it's the illustrations that make me love the book the most. There's something so unique about his drawings that make adults and children alike love them. 

Alongside the books, a small production company made a short film of the story which I can tell you has made me cry pretty much every time. It tells the tale so beautifully that it deservedly won a BAFTA for best animated short. 

Do you guys love Oliver Jeffers? 


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  3. That sounds like a lovely book! I love pop up stories =)

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