There's No Place Like Home //004

These weekly posts come around so quickly! It seems like only yesterday I was telling everyone about my woes of a saggy sofa.

This week however nothing is broken (yay!) so I can pick some things I have been lusting after. With the talk about sofas last week I found myself lusting over the gorgeous designed Eames chair. These beautys can be found everywhere now and I'm still not convinced if they are 100% comfortable or not but they look good and sometimes that's all that matters with making a home look nice!

Charles and Ray Eames were American designers who created modern furniture using moulded plywood and fibreglass in the 1950's. Even to this day their style is iconic and beautiful against a stark background or in a world of clutter. 

  1. Eames Style Child's Elephant Chair - Seriously in love with this chair for Max's room. We seem to have adopted a slight circus theme in his room with bright colours and patterns so this would slot in perfectly. Probably as a seat for him to read or help him get dressed. 
  2. Eames Style Child's Rocking Chair - I have always dreamed of having a rocking chair in Max's room. Something that you can curl up in and read books and have cuddles in to pass the day away. Whilst this might be a child size one I think Max would have a blast rocking away in it. 
  3. Eames Style DSW Chair - So picture the scene. A white dining room table with multi coloured chairs. Sound good? Well I'd love these so I could do something like that. A regimented form but pretty and different at the same time. 
  4. Eames Style Lobby Chair - Scott plans to work from home doing writing eventually and every good writer needs a good chair. This one looks so luxurious and comfy that hopefully he will be able to bash out some awesome scripts.
  5. Eames Style DKR Chair - This chair might seem uncomfy but looking at the photos I've included below there is so much scope for customisation that I would be stupid to not get one or something similar!

I've been browsing Pinterest to see how I could incorporate these chairs into my life as it seems inevitable that I will buy at least one! Here are some of my favourites. 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 

Are you as in love with these chairs as I am? How would you style them up?

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  1. I LOVE that elephant chair - do you think they do a dinosaur one?