There's No Place Like Home //005

Here's to another week of me wishing what I could dress my imaginary house like. This week I've been lusting over cushions. Pretty strange you might say but I love a great cushion. It gives you a bit of personality to a room and changing them up can really make a room feel so different.

The ones I have picked would be used anywhere from a bedroom to a play room but here's some favourites. 

  1. Grumpy Cat - This cushion is hilarious. I love grumpy cat. It's one of the only memes that I never get bored of and this cushion is just HILARIOUS!
  2. Eivor Kvist - This is simple but gorgeous. Something that makes a room scream spring/summer. Perfect to brighter up a dull day.
  3. Skarum - One for Max's room. I spoke last week how his room is turning into a bit of a carnival theme with bright colours on white walls to brighten the day.
  4. Shark/Seahorse/Starfish - Okay so I know that cushions in the bathroom are wildly inappropriate as they just get wet and get ruined but I'd put a special chair in the room just so we could have these adorable cushions. They're so cute and different.
  5. Good Day Sunshine - I think the recent good weather has made me drawn towards happy bright colours, this is awesome, something that would go great with a light grey/green surroundings.
  6. Elephant Cushion - To carry on from Max's circus themed room this elephant is a gorgeous addition. Also the product is handmade by one of my lovely friends.
  7. Scion Mr Fox - A bit pricey but this amazing cushion would be a great statement piece on a sofa.
  8. Orla Kiely - Such a lovely cushion. I'm a sucker for Orla Kiely's work so this would be a must for a bedroom!
  9. Donna Wilson - Something about this cushion just stood out and if I had the spare £40 for it I would snap it up immediately.
  10. Party Ring - Who doesn't love biscuits. And who doesn't love giant cushions shaped as biscuits. This is amazing. A complete talking piece and definitely something that you wish you could eat. 

So there you go. A jam packed cushion spectacular!

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