There's No Place Like Home //006 //Vinyl Clocks Review

A slightly different post to the rest of the series. This post is a review of the gorgeous Vinyl Clocks that I got sent. Vinyl Clocks are a company that create clocks out of any vinyl that you can think of really! Everything from the classics, to number ones and even recent hits. With prices starting from £14.95 they are a perfect gift for everyone. Being massive vinyl fans in this house I jumped at the opportunity to review one of their gorgeous products.

The clock came beautifully packaged in a bright pink mailing bag (not shown as address printed on it) and inside it had brown wrapping and secured with bubble wrap to make sure that the disk isn't damaged at all. Which I was really impressed with as some recent vinyl that I had ordered had come with no protection around it. The box has the company logo and lovely touches such as 'Timeless Memories' and 'If you can read this, either you or the box, are the wrong way up' which makes the gift a bit more personal and shows that the company put loads of effort into each product. 

Opening the box I found the some instructions for care and setup and also the vinyl sleeve of the record so I knew exactly what one I had been given. When you order on the site you get to choose the disk you want whether it's a 10", 12" or 7" single. They sent us Erasure's Ship of Fools. Not a band that is top of my list but the disk is so gorgeous that it looks perfect hung up. 

Picking up the front of the safety packaging (hand wrapped in tissue paper!) the disk is laid out perfectly with the hands of the clock already fixed to it. I've noticed that a lot of companies that sell products like this leave it for you to put together yourself, but this made it feel that little bit more special! And once removed you see that they included a battery for you too. It was a bit tricky to get the battery in as I didn't want to damage it but once in it started working straight away. They test the product for 24 hours before sending it to make sure that it is in full working order. 

My main issue was trying to find the best place to hang it! Eventually I found the perfect place in our living room so it's always on show and we can always be reminded of how much we love vinyl. 

Overall we love this product. There is so much care and love put into each product and you can tell that from the wrapping, to the boxing and the product itself and it's a perfect gift for any music lover or even someone that likes something a bit different. With everything from Meatloaf to Sex Pistols I'm pretty sure that you can find anything that you need on Vinyl Clocks. I've already got my eye on another one for Scott's birthday!

Do you love vinyl? How would you like to display some of yours?

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