There's No Place Like Home //007

This week I'm looking at wallpaper. Whilst I think I will mostly paint the place I still can't help looking at wallpaper and thinking how awesome it can look!

  1. Loopy Lines - Love the geometric shapes!
  2. Frames - This you can actually use as frames for your own art!
  3. Aviary - This is really cute. It's quite dark so would have to be in a well lit room. 
  4. Brighton - HOW AWESOME IS THIS?!
  5. Floral - I'm not normally a floral type but this is adorable and different!
  6. Star - This is such a good spin on the floral design.


  1. Ahh I love 3 & 5... A LOT. I always find wallpaper scarily expensive though! X

  2. What great patterns! New from the I Love My Post Hop!