What I Read: April.

So it's been a few months since I wrote one of these! Oops. I have to admit that since my last post my Kindle broke so I decided to finish up all those books on my Ipad before delving into my books that were slowly stacking up!

April was a mix of old and new. I felt like re-reading a lot of old favourites and touched upon some new ones too. 

  • The Madness Underneath by Maureen Johnson - I read the first book in this series that follows Rory on her weird adventures through London. On first glances the book looks like a stereotypical dark romance novel but it's far from it. It's more of a ghost story about a feisty American that's been thrust into a less than normal situation. It starts a month or so after the last book left off but definitely ended on a cliffhanger that makes me want to scream at Maureen Johnson to release the third book tomorrow!
  • The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides - An old favourite of mine. This book tells the tale of the four Lisbon siblings and their unfortunate suicides. It's a beautiful tale that is truly a modern classic in my eyes. Told from the point of view of some boys that witness the whole thing from some bedroom windows the perspective of the story is unusual as you are as clueless as them as to why the girl's chose the path they did.
  • The Hit by Melvin Burgess - Okay I can be the first to say i've never really enjoyed Burgess' previous work but the idea of this book struck me. What if there was a drug that gave you an amazing high that you will never believe for a week but kill you. Would you take it? I really enjoyed this book. It's set in a time similar to now with people rebelling against the government and wishing for a more equal society.
  • George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl - One of my favourites by Dahl, this book tells the tale of George trying to create a medicine for his Grandma to stop her being so rude and selfish. Unfortunately the results are far from that! Scott had to read some Roald Dahl for university so I couldn't help but read one myself!
  • The Farm by Emily McKay - Set in the future in America this tells the tale of two twins who are trying to escape their quarantined life. After their world has been taken over by Ticks who love nothing more than to devour humans, they decide they need a better life for themselves. It was dark and interesting. I've said before that dystopian tales aren't my favourite but this one was really enjoyable!
  • It's Kind Of A Funny Story by Ned Vizzini - A depressed boy checks himself into a psychiatric hospital when things get too much and he attempts suicide. This tale is about the people he meets and his journey into recovery. This is one of those books that gives me hope. Especially when I am feeling bad mentally.
  • The Humourist by Russell Kane - Kane is my favourite comedian and when he released a book I knew that I needed it. It's a dark book about a comedy critic that finds the formula for the joke that is so funny it could kill people. Please don't think that this is a roll around laughing book because it isn't but it's well worth a read. It's my third read of it and I love it even more than I did before. 
Are there any books that you have enjoyed this month? 

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