Book Of Mormon London

So one of the reasons we went to London (apart from getting engaged!) was to see The Book Of Mormon at the Prince of Wales Theatre. 

Book of Mormon is satirical musical about Mormonism written by the hilarious creators of South Park. Its based around two young missionaries who have to head to Uganda to try and spread their word of the Book and sign up some new recruits. Of course Uganda is a place where religion is the last of their worries when 90% of the village has AIDS and they are under attack by a General that would rather kill women. 

After winning 9 Tony awards including best musical I knew that this was one I needed to see. The musical was co-written by the writer of Avenue Q which is one of my favourite musicals of all time so I was so excited when I got given tickets for Christmas from Scott. 

The musical exceeded my expectations. We were fortunate to sit right at the front and spent the majority of it crying with laughter. It's definitely not for the easily offended with some moments where you definitely took a deep breath while thinking 'Shit did they actually say that?!'.

In terms of being offensive I don't think it really mocked Mormonism in a bad way. In reality it took a poke a religion in general. Showing the audience how rigid and fickle parts of it can be. But altogether showing you that religion can be great if it's understood that most is metaphoric rather than literal. The Mormons have actually taken out advertising in the program to promote the real book with things like 'The book is always better'.

The songs are so catchy and we spent the majority of the night and next day singing bits of them to each other falling into stitches of laughter. Definitely downloading the soundtrack now!

It's definitely a musical to check out. Only if you don't find things like South Park offensive though as it is very much in a similar vain comedy wise to that.

Here is the opening song which they performed at the Tony awards!

It's definitely become a favourite of mine and will definitely look to go again sometime soon. It's that addictive!

Have you seen it? Does it appeal to you?


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! :) I've heard such amazing reviews as well, wish we had some spare money to head up and watch it. Rosie x

  2. Seen some really good reviews, totally gonna go see it some time!