Father's Day

Whilst I don't have any contact with my dad due to my own choice, Max has a fantastic dad. So I thought I would take this time to write a post about the little things that Max has told me he likes about daddy.

  1. He makes me laugh.
  2. He buys me chocolate.
  3. He always gives me cuddles.
  4. He reads me bedtime stories.
  5. He lets me stay up late sometimes.
  6. He lets me sit on his shoulders.
  7. He sings me songs.
  8. He is silly.
  9. He is the best.
  10. He doesn't shout at me.
  11. He cooks me yummy dinner.
  12. He lets me jump on him at the park.
  13. He lets me win football.
  14. He throws me up high.
  15. He loves me lots. 

Are there any special things you love about your dads. Or that your little ones love about theirs?

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