London trip.

So as most of you know from my announcement , Scott had some amazing ulterior motives for taking me to London at the start of the week. But apart from my mega bombshell the rest of the trip still deserves a post!

We took a really early train on Monday to London and decided that we needed some lunch before heading to the hotel as there was a late check in policy there. We stayed in Waterloo station and managed to get a seat at the bar and grill upstairs and let's just say my fish fingers and Scott's burgers were fantastic! 

After that we battled our way to our hotel (after some issues with finding our booking) we got settled and promptly went over the the Science Museum. I bloody love that place so I knew I wanted to go there with Scott as somehow we have missed it on every trip we've taken. 

Google have put a web lab in the basement all about how the internet and electronics affect our daily lives and how fascinating it all is. You go around different stations and take part in the activities using your lab tag to record it all. There was everything from drawing your own face in sand by a robot, to creating music with people all over the world. It's interactive so you can do it from your own home right here

We then headed over to Bavarian Beerhouse as Scott was desperate for some proper beer. The food was pretty impressive but having a bit of a headache I didn't bother too much. We then decided the best thing to do was to head for a walk so we went to Covent Garden as it was near our hotel. We then got asked if we wanted to go and attend some free comedy at the Top Secret Comedy Club which is right up our street as we were originally looking at trying to find some comedy to attend anyway. It was so funny and some of the acts weren't our style but they still made everyone laugh!

The next day was dampened (quite literally) by awful rain. We headed over to the south bank to go to the film museum which was closed for a private event (boo) then went to go to the natural history museum which had a giant queue (boo) so we went home to go get ready for our night ahead! I've already written about Book Of Mormon. But it was fantastic!

After that Scott took me for a walk around Leicester Square. Popped the question and we celebrated with Haagen Dazs ice cream cupcakes and cocktails!

All in all it was a fantastic few days, not only for the fact he proposed but also because it was amazing to spend some days with him away from Max. I love the kiddo but sometimes I need to remember to be me rather than mummy!


  1. awhh sounds like such a nice weekend! The boyfriend got me tickets to see Book of Moron for my birthday so itll be our first trip away once the baby is here! xx

  2. Congratulations!! What a wonderful weekend!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  3. Sounds like it was a super cool weekend out in London, its totally my favourite city to hang out in!