Plum Review: By Daddy!

Plum sent us some of their amazing Plum Tot's meals for Max to try out. They have released an amazing line of mini meals with amazing flavours with everything from lamb tagine to jerk chicken.  
Scott always feeds Max on weekday evenings because I am at work when dinner time comes around. So once a week Max is being given one of these scrummy dishes to try out. Last week daddy took the reviewing reigns and here it is?

Plum Food Review – Jamaican Jerk Mango & Chicken

It was dinner time again. Max took his place and asked as usual in his politest tone ‘DADDY I WANT A DRINK!…please.’
The Plum Tots dish that was selected was Jamaican Jerk Mango and Chicken. I was excited to give Max this dish, for the simple reason that after a trip to Jamaica I realised what a joy jerk chicken was. With Mango, peppers, chick peas, sweet corn and rice to accompany it, I was only envious of Max that he had a quality dinner.

After opening it up, I noticed the contents was a little watery that did make me a little sceptical of what the dish was going to be like. However, after microwaving it, the contents turned out thicker and denser than previous dishes. I didn’t mind the display, I mean it’s tough to criticise a ready meal on its presentation when it’s all mixed in together. And to be honest, I prefer mixing in my jerk food in together.

I popped it down and Max commenced shovelling, eating the majority of it with big MMM and YUMMY…then disaster struck. Max became distracted by the fact the TV wasn’t playing what HE wanted. He doesn’t even face the TV when he eats, but to have it as a background noise just stole his focus. I also believe he ate a fair bit that day prior to dinner…he’s a greedy guts just like his Dad.

He placed the nearly finished dish on the side and stole back the Television to watch EVIL!…I mean cBeebies. Was I gonna’ let this dish go to waste, knowing it included my favourite marinade? Heck no! I took that dish and went through it myself. Glad to see so much veg in the dish to give Jerk Chicken and rice some versatility, one thing saddened me. The jerk flavour was a little faint, I know it’s been designed to be more mild than the marinade can be, it relied more upon the veg to give it extra flavour. 

Construction wise, the dish worked towards the favour of veg, personally I would have liked for the emphasis to have been on the flavour.

CONCLUSION: Really, the dish is ideal for introducing your child to new flavours and exciting recipies. Jerk is such a great flavour for so many different seasons and prepared dinners. On this occasion, I think it did miss what I enjoy most about the flavour, but the use of vegetables was really well arranged to make the Vegetables the interesting part of the meal. Maybe I’m off on this one and it could be a big hit.

(Max did eat most of it from what I was told - So it's a big thumbs up from him and daddy!)

Thank you again to Plum for sending us the dishes. Can't wait to share the next taste test!

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