Plum Tot's Meals Review

So Plum recently contacted me asking if we wanted to review some of their tots meals. I've already done a review of one (well Scott did it) so I thought I would review the rest!

Priced at £2 these affordable meals are packed with veg and flavour. The things us mums love our kids to have in a meal. As with most ready meals they don't look very pretty from the packet but upon a mummy taste test they are filled with flavour just right for your tot's taste buds. 

The portion size is generous and the day's Max had them when he wasn't at nursery he ate everything. He normally get's really full at nursery so he would eat half of the meal when he got home (and mummy or daddy would eat the rest)

As you can see, Max wolfed down the meals with massive bites. Normally accompanied by "mmm mummy this is yummy'. Some of the flavours he preferred over the others, with the Biryani and Ragu topping the taste tests while the others came close seconds. The great thing about these meals is that they are off the shelf so they have a pretty long shelf life. That's if they last that long. 

So it's a massive thumbs up from Max for these Plum treats!

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