Sealife Centre Weymouth.

So this morning we wanted to do something different. We threw ourselves in the car, armed with some drinks and a 2 for 1 entry voucher and headed to the Sealife Centre in Weymouth. I haven't been there for years and the boys certainly have never even been to Weymouth so it was perfect. 

We got there and headed straight to the meet and greet section. This summer the Centre have some very special guests that most Cbeebies loving kids will know...
Yep, we met the Octonauts. Max went nuts. It's one of the only shows that he really loves on TV so he was dead chuffed to get cuddles and high fives. 

After meeting them we headed around the park, we saw everything from sharks to turtles. Max has always loved fish. We had an annual pass for the Bournemouth Aquarium for 2 years so we knew he would love it there. Half of the park is actually outside so we still managed to catch some sun whilst we stared at some starfish in a rock pool. 

They had a quiz for kids to do around the way (with a medal as a prize) and Max was chuffed to get a medal he could show everyone. Mummy and Daddy may have helped him with the quiz (or stolen answers from other people as we walked past.....shhh!)

As part of the ticket price you got free entry on the Weymouth Tower. This was built for the Olympics last year and gives you spectacular views across Dorset and as far as the eye can take you at 174ft above floor level. 
I'm not great with heights but this was spectacular. It only lasted about 15 minutes but Max kept on going WOW MUMMY LOOK AT THE WATER. 

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  1. We might be going to the Great Yarmouth one this week, as we're nearby on a little holiday camp with our four little ones.

    We have been before, although we only had two kids then. They seemed to enjoy it a little but didn't really take much interest - but that could have been their age at the time.

    The Octonauts will be there this week too, so i'm hoping that will give them a little extra excitement if we do decide to go :)