There's No Place Like Home //009

This week is a bit of a wish list. Ikea has a sale on at the moment as I love a bit of Swedish flatpack. Who doesn't love spending 6 hours trying to put a bookshelf together before making your own holes and doing a bodge job. Or is that just me? Haha!

  1. DUKTIG play kitchen - I adore this kitchen and I've been meaning to save some money so I can get it for Max for his birthday. He is obsessed with pretend play and this will go great with his table, hoover and other household items (we have him well trained!). I love that Max doesn't go for generic gender products. He loves cooking!
  2. SAGOSTEN air mattress and cover - Max has a reading corner and I'm still trying to fid the perfect seat for him to curl up and read in. At the moment he uses his Bilibo with a cushion inside it but it's not the most comfy! This is gorgeous and fits with the bright theme of what I want his room to be like. 
  3. POANG rocking chair - We already have the standard version of this chair but I love nothing more than a good rocking chair. This would be amazing to read or do some cross stitch in. The pattern on this chair is also adorable and quite a statement piece. 
  4. VEJMON coffee table - I love how simple this coffee table is. We have such a small living space at the moment that a table is pointless but it would be good for storing a few picture books on the lower levels and if we do have another child it would be sharp edge free! Thinking ahead. 
  5. TRANETORP table - It's a table, an expensive table but this would look beautiful with some bright coloured chairs and either a multicoloured table cloth or some bright place mats. 
  6. UNG DRILL mirror - This is a gorgeous statement mirror. I would probably spray paint this a bright colour rather than leave it black as I try and steer clear of black accessories so much. 
  7. MALM bed frame - This bed frame is gorgeous and would go with all my favourite floral duvet covers (boo to boring boy colours!) I can picture all of us snuggled in the bed on sunday mornings with the sun streaming through the window....not that there is much sun at the moment!
  8. RISO hammock - Who doesn't want a hammock in their garden so they can lounge in the non existant sun and fall out every 30 seconds haha.

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  1. Ah I absolutely love Ikea. SO many people slate it (like my parents) but I think they're furniture is so wonderfully contemporary, and not as flimsy/short lasting as it used to be. Love your picks - especially the mirror and bed :) Rosie x
    PS. DO you follow Katie Shelton on Bloglovin? She made some pop up houses for her little girl which Max might like. Search for skunkboyblog