What I Read: May

This month my books seemed to be dominated by proofs and teen fiction. Maybe it was the mixture of news or the fact that I've been so distracted by everything that teen fiction is normally my easy read go to!

  • Skin Deep By Laura Jarratt - This was nominated for the Waterstones children's book award and I've been meaning to read it since I picked up the proof months ago (oops!) but I'm so glad I read it. The story is about a girl who is left with facial scarring after an accident and her journey to feel accepted in the town she's lived in her whole life. There's a bit of romance thrown in, there always is!
  • Never Coming Back By Tim Weaver - I didn't realise until halfway through this book that it was part of a series. But that didn't mean I was confused. The character development within the story still made for a great standalone crime book. I've not read crime in ages and normally find it very generic but this was pretty awesome with so many twists that I was still second guessing right up until the end. Unfortunately this isn't available until August (boo!)
  • The Fault In Our Stars By John Green - Being a self confessed John Green obsessive I realised I had to re-read this book once I'd found out who had been cast as Hazel and Augustus just to see if I thought it was the right casting. I'm not disappointed to say the least! It's also such a lovely book that I love to revisit old favourites. 
  • The Perks Of Being A Wallflower By Stephen Chbosky - Whenever anything happens in my life I normally turn to this book. Giving that my grandad unfortunately passed away I stuck my head in this book and tried to make sense of things through my odd annotations and highlightings in it. 
  • Billy And Me By Giovanna Fletcher - Okay I only bought this originally for the fact it's written by the gorgeous wife of Tom Fletcher (of Mcfly fame) and I'm not one for girly fiction but this book caught me up in a whirlwind of emotions and love that I read the majority of it on my shift - don't tell my boss! haha. I loved how easily the story flowed and actually inspired me to finally pick up the pen and write down the basis for my idea. Perfect holiday material!
  • The Son By Michael Rostain - This is the Waterstones 11 book of the month. It wasn't the obvious choice but seeing it was a small book I decided to pick it up anyway. It was a lovely story about a man who's son died. Except it's told from the son's point of view. Morbid but it was a lovely short story. Definitely one to pick up if you can.
  • By Any Other Name By Laura Jarrett - Another by her! Jarrett's writing is so lovely that I didn't hesitate in getting this book about a family put into the witness protection program.
What have you read recently?

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  1. I didnt know they were making The Fault In Our Stars into a movie! I just finished reading the book and really loved it. :) Rosie x