52 lists: Post #4

#4: Favourite Smells

Some of these will be generic, some are a tad weird.

  • Lush Dirty spray - My other half wears it and it makes him smell divine.
  • Soap and Glory perfume - I wear this and I love the fresh, fruity smell it has.
  • A clean baby/child - They always smell amazing!
  • Fresh cut grass - Even though it makes my hayfever crazy.
  • Baking - Of any kind. Brownies, cakes, bread. MMMMMM
  • BBQ's - As long as it's not burning. Meat is just yummy. 
  • Petrol - Okay this ones weird but a petrol station smells so nice, I know it's bad but shh!
  • Books - I work in a book shop. Let's say I have my head in a book for more than one reason.

What are your favourite smells?


  1. I love it when my niece has just had a bath and has talc on her <3 my fave smell is definitely on Christmas morning when we go downstairs for breakfast and the turkey has been cooking for a couple of hours already.. yum!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  2. I'm doing Meet me at Mike's lists too!! I also had petrol. Phew! I thought it was just me that was odd. Great list!