Blinkbox Review

Blinkbox is an awesome service brought to you by Tesco. Blinkbox is an online service where you can rent films and tv series to watch on your laptop, tablet or games console. 

Being parents, we hardly find the time to get out to the cinema and are trying to cut back on things like unnecessary DVD purchases. We already subscribe to a monthly service but find the selection doesn't reflect things that have just been released on DVD. That's where Blinkbox comes in. You can rent brand new DVD's from as little as 99p!

We were recently asked if we wanted to try out the service and tell you guys how we found it. 

We don't have a smart TV so decided we were going to download the app onto our xbox so we could watch the films on our TV. This was so quick and easy. The interface on the app is so easy to use and you can search by actor or film title/genre. It made the selection process that bit harder as we had too much to choose from!

Because we had voucher codes we had to go onto the blinkbox website on a laptop or tablet and pick the film we wanted before watching them on the xbox. We chose Sightseers, Seven Psychopaths and are yet to choose our third (I'm thinking Warm Bodies or Oz!) Once we had picked and redeemed the code we went into our account page on the Xbox and the films were there for us to watch! You have 48 hours to watch them from purchase so if you find you can't watch it all in one go or maybe want a sneaky look back at something that happened then you are free to do so. 

In terms of the films we loved them. Scott is a scriptwriting graduate so he wanted something that had been rated highly on the story. I'm fine to watch anything unless it's an action film and then I get a bit bored with all the fighting and macho men. 

The service was so easy to use and watch films on and great if you wanted to treat yourself to a night in as its tonnes cheaper than buying a dvd from the shops. Another bonus is any DVD you buy from Tesco with the Blinkbox sticker on means that the DVD is registered to your account and available to watch online! You also get clubcard points on the purchases too. 

So if you are sold on Blinkbox then head on over, if not then don't worry I'm sure you'll watch something on there soon!

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  1. Sounds good - I like it when you can watch via Xbox so you dont have to sit around a laptop!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten