Graze Goodybox

Graze is a firm favourite in our household. We get a box each week to add to our healthy treats. Recently I got an email asking if we wanted to try the kid's goodybox as a free trial and of course I jumped at the opportunity. Max always seems to want to eat mine so one of his own was perfect.

It arrived like any other graze box but with Max's name printed on the front. He was chuffed that he had post with his name on! Opening it up the box was just as fun as the contents with loads of space for drawing and playing on the box and a face on the edge that wanted to munch his fingers off!

In terms of the contents he had some gorgeous golden flapjack, cheesy breadsticks, tropical treats of pineapple and raisins and a tub of honeycomb and pumpkin seeds. He wolfed it all up within a few days so I think a treat like this every few weeks would be a great options to chocolate and sticker books.

Have you tried them.

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  1. I got a free one for Amelia too and she loved hers, especially the cheesey bites! :)