I've been shopping recently!

I love shopping. I normally buy too much or things that aren't appropriate - especially if I see a sale! This month I have been pretty good. Especially seeing as my birthday is at the end of the month. 

First up was a few items from Hello. I love this website and have half of their stock. I picked up the clothing when they were throwing a 4th July special at pretty much half price so this was a complete steal! Then came the gorgeous lunchbox from Joules. Infact this was gifted to us to review so I didn't buy it but a review is coming soon.

Nexy up was this DVD. If there is a show that a child can be obsessed with because it involves music, super heros and crazy monsters then this is it. Max loves this show and we do too. Now my mission is to make the costume for him...

I love my job. So of course I have to treat us all come payday. I picked up the bottom two books for me as I'm still obsessed with teen fiction. Scott got the Neil Gaiman book so he can get it signed when we see him next month and Max got the Hugless Douglas book to add to the collection. I also bought the artist notepad and listography book to add to my ever growing collection of things I don't need but feel I must have. 

Also my best mate got us Jay Z tickets and my mum bought me shoes (but that was for my birthday - which is on monday!)

Have you got anything good this month?

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  1. I LOVE Hello Apparel but haven't bought anything yet... That may be about to change right now!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten