Miley Cyrus: A Bad Role Model or Just Misunderstood?

Last month Miley Cyrus was branded the worst female role model by parents, Chris Brown being named the worst male. Whilst you can understand someone convicted of beating a woman to be a bad role model, I fail to see what is so bad about Miley that makes all parents want to shield their kids from her. 

Miley, the Disney channel queen turned pop star actress was above the likes of Lindsay Lohan (in rehab) and Amanda Bynes (total train wreck). Whilst I can see that the transformation from squeaky clean to rough around the edges isn't the best for the Disney demographic, I fail to see how she can be the worst of them all. 

Miley may be channelling the good girl gone bad look at the moment and may have admitted to smoking weed like the photo opposite shows, but she makes valid points to back her arguments and comes across pretty eloquent in her defences. 

Surely it's better that she admits that she does it, rather than hiding it away and being caught out in a massive drug scandal in a few years. She is a grown woman that can make her own choices and be responsible for her own actions. A thirteen year old shouldn't know what a spliff is, yet alone know where to get access to such things. Yes it isn't the best for a role model to do but at least she isn't sleeping with a different guy every week and exposing herself in drunk photos every night.

She was never going to be the perfect, innocent girl that was portrayed in Hannah Montana forever. She had to grow up, much like the first fans that started to watch her. In theory they should be around 12-15 by now. Yes that can be deemed as a vulnerable age gap but surely it should also be at an age where parents should be educating their children on things such as alcohol and sex education. 

On the other hand, amongst the top of the best role models list must surely have been this lady: Taylor Swift.

See I've never really liked her that much. Not because she sings happy and lovely dovey music that is played all the time on the radio. More for the fact that each song seems to be about a different man that she's dated. Surely someone thats a serial dater is just as bad as someone that smokes? Also most of Swifts songs, as well as talking about her heartbreak (does she ever take the blame for a relationship?) talk about how the girl that stole her man is a slut. Or something like that. Seriously girl? If you go through 13 or so men in 3 years then surely you need to assess yourself as well as how your relationships are formed. 

On the other hand, Miley is currently in a 3 year long relationship with Liam Hemsworth.
She is seen as promiscuous and slutty due to the nature of her music videos, the things she does in her spare time and the way she dresses. I thought as women we aren't supposed to be that judgemental.

Maybe she isn't the best role model but there are sure worse ones out there than her. Maybe those seen as good celebrity role models have skeletons in their closets too and once they are laid bare then judgement will change. In the meanwhile surely we should be teaching our kids to think their minds and dream their own dreams rather than chase after a celebrities. 


  1. I don't think Miley is a bad role model necessarily - if she hadn't been a Disney kid then she would be on par with Rihanna with the weed. It's just the constrast that makes it all seem worse than it is.
    And I dont think Taylor's a bad role model either. Her relationships are always in the press because people like to read about her, not because they're true.
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  2. I don't think she is a bad role model, she is just growing up. But after watching her latest music video - I think it's way too much! Most people will forget that as she has grown up, and so has her fans!! they will be at a similar age or a couple of years younger than Miley is now! Even though I don't think she's a bad role model, I don't think she is a role model in the first place (neither good or bad ) Xx