Next Sale Haul

Normally I am too late for the Next sale, either I get a rubbish online slot or there is nothing left in Max's size when I manage to get down. Luckily this year I got there early afternoon and people seemed to have been too distracted by the sun to notice! I grabbed everything in Max's size and then put back what we didn't like.

I managed to get:
  • Blue aztec trim chinos - they are so soft and I was actually lusting after them last week but without the discount they were pretty expensive!
  • Gremlins top - We love movie's in this home (well Scott is a scripty) so we needed some awesome 80's movie tops.
  • Back to the future top - Amazing film, amazing top. Can't wait for the Lego version of the delorean to arrive in store!
  • Goonies top -  He already has 2 Goonies tops but you can never have too many can you?
  • Green and Grey Nirvana tops - He twisted my arm. He LOVES Nirvana and everyone in the store was pretty impressed that he even knew who they were!

Did anyone else go to the sale? What did you get?


  1. OMG i love the GREMLINS TOP! i thought you were actually selling the shirt for an adult. lol i actually was quiet sad when i found out you weren't. :) im glad that you got max some cute tops!

    Marie (
    ps. if you would like free ad space, i would love to have you on my sponsor side! contact me if interested.

  2. I love that Goonies shirt! I almost bought it for Amelia today but instead got her some cute denim shorts and pink tshirt. Spoilt again by Aunty Rosie!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten