Soy and Maple Salmon Recipe

We love salmon in our home, it's also a great summery dish and with this weather we really needed something light and refreshing to eat. 

This dish was great served with some fresh egg noodles and some steamed Tenderstem broccoli on the side. 

What you need:
Salmon fillets
5 tea spoons of soy sauce
5 tablespoons of maple syrup

Mix the soy sauce and maple in a bowl and cover the salmon in it. 
Cover the salmon and let it marinade in the glaze (I did it for an hour).
Pan fry the salmon for 20 minutes in fry lite, turning regularly to prevent burning. 
Serve with noodles and veg. 

This was so gorgeous. The outside of the salmon was slightly crispy, the glaze was sweet yet not too overpowering and it was such a change from any other flavourings. 
Max loved it so much he stole half of mine!