What I Read: June

  • Fortunately The Milk (Neil Gaiman) - This book is aimed at children but it is amazing! Unfortunately it isn't out until September but it's perfect for any fans of something a bit different. It's about a dad that goes out to buy the milk, unfortunately he encounters a completely different journey to what he hoped. The illustrations are gorgeous and remind me a bit of a Gaiman/Dr Who hybrid.
  • The Bling Ring (Nancy Jo Sales) - Nancy was one of the only reporters to have conversations with the suspects that the film is based on. She compiled them into a really interesting book of facts and studies about teenagers and the society we live in. Don't be fooled into thinking it's a novel. It really isn't but well worth a read to fully understand the mentality of these teen robbers.
  • One Moment (Kristina McBride) - Loved this teen romance come crime book about a girl whose memory blanks during an important moment. Trying to recount what happened uncovers loads of things that she probably never wanted to know about her friends and family.
  • Looking For Alaska (John Green) - I had to re-read an old favourite. Especially because my copy seems to have gone missing. I love this story. Up there in my top 3 of his! I urge you to read a book of his, it will be worth it.
  • Skinny (Donna Cooner) - A really wonderful story about a morbidly obese girl that undergoes surgery to help her lose weight. It touches the subject perfectly and any girl that has experienced that feeling that they are fat will empathise with the main character.
  • Shift (Em Bailey) - A new girl arrives at a school. All people know is that she killed her parents. One girl finds it her mission to uncover the truth about her. It's a great book and completely different to the normal paranormal teen fiction.
  • The Killing Woods (Lucy Christopher) - Emily's dad is accused of murdering a teenage girl, and she knows he isn't capable of doing it. A split narrative story from Emily and the murdered girls boyfriend tells the tale of coming to terms with loss, PTSD and what really happened in those woods.
  • Before I Die (Jenny Downham) - A girl compiles a list of things she wants to complete before she dies of terminal cancer. Might sound depressing but it's a gorgeous novel. Think TFIOS but more about trying to break the law. It's been turned into a film called Now Is Good
  • Chasing The Dark (Sam Hepburn) - This story is about a boy who's mum is killed in a car crash. But he wants answers so goes of hunting to see what he can find. Unfortunately getting involved in the wrong crowds leads him down some scary avenues. 

What have you read recently?

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