A Love/Hate Affair With Crafts.

I am the worst at starting craft projects and never finishing them. I have four cross stitches half done in a box which I should probably complete. I've also bought so many card making things that I should open a shop. Craft magazines are the best thing ever as you can pretend you are amazing at something whilst terribly sucking at it. 

See I never used to be bad. I got an a* in my gcse textiles, I just forgot how to do it. Which is why I asked my darling Scott to get me a sewing machine for my birthday. At least then projects can be quick and I love the sound of a sewing machine hammering the fabric into something that resembles a shop bought item.

So I set myself a task, not an easy one for me. To create an envelope cushion cover for Max with the logo of the Aquabats. If you aren't familiar with them then here is a photo.

Yes that's a simple logo. An outline of a circle with an A in the middle. Until you realise that cutting circles in fabric that can easily fray isn't the easiest of tasks.

As you can see I just about managed it. For my first try it wasn't too bad. I wasn't too fussed about the blue cover as I knew I needed some excess on all sides to sew together. After an hour of dodgy machine sewing I finished it. Granted I did it with white thread instead of black I still think I did a good job. Not the neatest but it's a cushion. It looks like one!

So I snuck into Max's room and popped it in his bed with him. He snuggled straight up to it and fell asleep so I'm assuming it was a hit! He now brings it everywhere with him so I should probably make him a smaller, more portable one.

Are you crafty? If so what have you made recently?


  1. Well done Laura, it looks great :)
    I used to stitch Mulberry bags for 6 months, but haven't done it for 3 years so I always wonder how I'd be behind a sewing machine now!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

    1. Give it a try and stitch me a bag while youre at it ;) haha

  2. im the same as you re wip!! I really musthave at least 20 atm!! since having my daughter ive picked up one of my small cross stitch kits but am finding it difficult to do much! xx