Create Your Own Ombre Bag

This summer we are trying to make the most of the time before Max starts preschool. One of the things we all love to do as a family is crafts. We have big imaginations but getting the ideas into reality can sometimes be a bit tricky for us.

Luckily we have persevered and have started and completed some amazing projects. First of all we took a trip to Hobbycraft as a family and picked up some art supplies. Everything from coloured card to paints and knitting needles. The best thing that we have made so far has been our ombre striped style bags.

All we needed was:
Plain canvas tote bags
Coloured paint (and white) - we used the Dylon Fabric Paint
Masking tape
Paint brush
Cardboard the size of the bags

  1. Use the masking tape to cover certain areas of the bag. We did simple stripes so the paint wouldn't run and the pattern was simple for Max to follow. He helped me push down all the tape and make sure it was strong and firm. Put the cardboard into the bag so the paint doesn't run and leak onto the other side.
  2. Tip some of the blue fabric paint into a tub and paint the first stripe. Make sure it's generously covered as they tend to dry a bit lighter than when painted on.
  3. We then added a dollop (yep a dollop, I'm accurate with my measurements) of white into the paint. When it looked a significant shade lighter we painted on the next layer.
  4. We carried on doing that until we had done all of the stripes. We let it hang dry on a coat hanger out of reach and tidied up whilst we were waiting for it to dry.
  5. Once dry take off all the tape and use pens, glitter and anything else to decorate it. We used Disney quotes on ours using sharpie pens. Be careful to leave the cardboard in there so that the pens don't seep through to the other side. 

And voila a finished bag. We are trying to do as many crafty things as possible this summer. What crafty things have you been up to?

Disclaimer: We were not paid for the products we used.

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